A Gift

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As every day presents itself to mankind as a gift, there is a season for everything under the sun and a reason for everything under any season.

Don’t be a glutton, greedy, wary or broken, instead be always humble and learn more about yourself and find reasons to love more, and stand strong, also understand that you are passing through a phase of a lesson that can either make you wiser, foolish, broken or give up on life.

For me, the only thing I hold most profound in every day of my life, in every season, is the beauty and the majesty of God’s creation with reasons to love more instead of hate and to discover more of who I am.

I see life as a journey of self-discovery more than anything else now, for we all came through birth in this world alone and we will one day die and be buried all alone in this same world.

~K. Adamu



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