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A Spark and A Cell


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In truth, I do not dispute the existence of a supreme being called the creator of this universe, what I do not understand is how science is still grasping the theory of the origin of where the first cell evolved from and how it came to existence. For atoms, they say it originated after the big bang after a spark that imaginably created the galaxy. 

A spark that created the universe about 13 billion years ago?  Where did that spark come that created the universe, science shift your thinking into Higg Boson’s theory of particles and quantum theory?  

The definition of who a God is may be taken into different perceptions in our human race but it will continue to be a mystery for science to grasp and to those who do not believe in a creator of the universe. Science will be able to create experiments and theories disputing, creating, and discovering things but it will never be able to create an experiment to dispute or prove that God does not exist or exist.  

The wonders of the world out there in the sky that you see must at a time communicate the magnificent creation of someone or something greater than our human understanding, imagination, or reasoning.  

The Bible, Quran, Torah, or other holy books for moral and spiritual guidance where you read stories of a God revealing himself to humanity in a different context of events are only being read in the context of literature, and it is also believed that they are books for spiritual purposes and growth.

I believe the holy books are not just literature for moral and spiritual guidance, I believe there are deeper signs that connects humanity directly to the universe in a way humanity is struggling to understand from the holy books. I believe science and other religions struggle in convincing people to believe based on principles of fact, shreds of evidence, and faith. I believe something greater than humanity in this universe created the cosmos and everything that came to existence from the inception of planet earth. “ What do you believe based on your own personal experience? 

 “They say when reasoning ends, faith begins”, that is why the definition of a miracle to me is like science and I also see scientific discoveries as miracles. Miracles and scientific discoveries will keep happening in different dimensions of time until humanity comes to a sufficient understanding of universal energy in the cosmos and its applications to humanity in different forms. 

~Kokwain Adamu  


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