Be Wise

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In Nigeria, I do not blame people for supporting bad leaders who have track records of corruption as leaders to represent them, when I see people being gathered at political rallies while chanting the names of those who they are out to support does not surprise me anymore.

What I am saying is, the people are left with no options of choosing those who represent them, political parties are behind organizing and choosing those who represent their parties at all levels of elections.

So, do I blame those who support and defend Tinibu despite the fact his mind is disconnected from his mouth when he speaks publicly? NO

Should I blame others for supporting Atiku even thou there would have been a better person than him? NO

Or blame supporters of Obi for building a hyper dream that may or may not come true? NO

I feel it will be unfaithful for the party members or supporters not to support or defend their candidates no matter how stupid or idiotic they may sound.

I am not a moral judge over people’s choices of political candidates, I can only remind those who are repeating the same mistake of the past in today’s political space to be wary of their actions.

They shouldn’t forget the agony in Nigeria today is based on a political party that the people supported that brought suffering to them and the whole country.

If you want to change, you have to be part of the process, you must partake in playing your part as an individual. When the people keep repeating the same election mistake, they only end up being the losers and not the politicians they vote to power or political party.

Be wise
~K. Adamu

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