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Be open and humble in listening to people, learn to understand their views but never allow them to force their opinions, way of life, or views on you or make you do things in secrets out of desperation for riches and pleasures. Follow the silent voice that speaks truth to your conscience, for it will guide your heart and life from unnecessary general troubles and problems of being human.  

The inner silent voice of your conscience is your best companion and friend to believe and follow, it easily distinguishes good from evil and leaves you to choose as your heart desires. Only your conscience knows what you desire and you can only desire either what is good or bad with a perspective of what you perceive as true to yourself as a human being living in this universe.  

They say “conscience is like an open wound, and only the truth can heal it”, wouldn’t it be right to say our conscience is our best companion and friend to follow in which we shouldn’t in any way regardless of what so ever situation it may be to betray and allow it get wounded? What should you rightly do not to hurt your conscience and get it wounded? Only the TRUTH can protect and guide the conscience from getting wounded. 

They say “let your conscience judge you” does that mean only your conscience truly knows you and your struggle in secret and in the open? 

Be open and receptive to the voice of truth in your conscience, it may not lead you on the righteous path the world expects or defines as right, but it will lead you on the path of truth that will illuminate you with enlightened wisdom that is in the harmony of the universe and consciousness of humanity in general.

No matter the pain that is required of you to pass through as a human being in this universe, only the truth can set your path to the most fulfilling joy and happiness you can think of. 

~Kokwain Adamu  

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