I am not perfect

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I find it very difficult to say no when anyone asks for financial assistance from me, but the reality is, not everyone gets what they asked based on timing.

I myself sometimes also do not have enough for myself based on the needs of my own family or to give out based on bills and other responsibilities on my shoulders.

When I cannot say no, it leads to a promise, and when I cannot keep the promise due to circumstances beyond my own control, I feel guilty and troubled about it because of the energy and vibes from the people I failed.

But the truth is, I do not want to live with such guilt of feeling bad about a promise I couldn’t fulfill and please If I have made a promise to you without fulfilling it, forgive me, it is not intentional.

I know God will not give us burdens that we cannot carry, and my earnest prayer is for God to bless and provide for us all so that we can all assist and help one another with love and truth when the need arises.

Forgive me, I am only human, I am not perfect.

~K. Adamu

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