Knowing What You Know

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There are things that we know, there are things we don’t know, and there are things that we feel we know yet we do not truly know them.
There are things we feel we don’t know but we know them. There are things no matter whatever is, we will never know them.
There are things we search to know, and other things we get to know by chance. Some other things, we will never get to know no matter the chances.
There is no end to knowing new things, and no matter how you search to know, you can never know it all. You can never know more than everyone around you.
The best is to keep knowing who you are through the vibration and the frequency of the universe.
If you are spiritual, hold on to your belief through meditation, for atheists, keep up with the scientific research to know new scientific evidence.
The best way to learn and to know is to be truthful to yourself, receptive, free from mistakes without fear, open, and tolerant it opens doors to higher enlightenment that comes with self-realization.
K. Adamu

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