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No matter how educated you are, never address others below your educational level on any basis as illiterates out of anger, spitefulness, or out of control.  

Every human is born equal with gifted natural literal abilities to grow and adapt to its environment and life. You must not go to conventional schools to become literate if learning how to read and write through an institution make you one with certificates. 

Creativity out of human imagination should be the emphasis in defining what is literal. Humanity needs to stop using some words in classifying, differentiating, and categorizing each other through different prisms such as religion, color, race, and continent.  

The human race is one, we are all born in the same way, we may live our lives based on different opportunities and circumstances or places and continents but what does not change our faith or differentiates us is death.  

We all have different world lifelines with the same beginning and different life events with the same end.  

~Kokwain  Adamu 

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