Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Christmas is always filled with love  Joy and excitement.

A time when families come together to exchange gifts share meals express love and share exciting stories. It’s also a time for forgiveness and renewal of relationships.

For me, it draws my heart closer to the chaos all over almost every continent in this world. This season gives me so many reasons to pray more about what divides humanity.

Christmas draws my heart closer to thinking and praying for individuals that I know or don’t know in nations facing economic problems, security situations, war problems, diseases to deal with, immigration problems, racism, tribalism, ethnicity, and religious differences.

I think of how some people will spend Christmas in uncomfortable manners. I think of how easy it is to think of solving other people’s problems when I cannot solve all of my problems.

I think of how being treated badly shouldn’t make me treat others badly and it makes me conscious of how I treat people around me and those who I may have wronged unknowingly and unconsciously.

The tremendous love around the air during the season of Christmas raises my hopes for the attainment of a more peaceful world when we value and appreciate what divides humanity more than using them as ingredients of division and categorization.

Merry Christmas To Everyone & A Wonderful New Year Ahead.

~K. Adamu

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