Nature of our world

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The world is covered with riddles, a lot about nature that humanity is yet to grasp or struggling to understand.

Such thoughts get me thinking about how complex the human mind can be. The power behind our thinking, and reasoning with what can evolve into creation or reality through our minds.

I now understand that apart from nature that humanity can not create it in real terms except something artificial that looks like nature, everything that comes into existence starts from the spark of a thought.

I would say the world is governed by the laws of nature and the vibration of our thoughts that creates our reality, yet in the wondering of my thoughts, I still acknowledge the power of a supreme being behind the creation of nature and the laws that govern nature.

Always remember that whatever your mind can create or think off, you have the power to bring those thoughts into reality from what your mind creates.

Be positive about it.

~K. Adamu

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