Social Engineering

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We live in a world of content, and the content we feed on forms our perspective and perception of the world.

When people share only what appeals to their sentiments without being objective, it can be very harmful. This is because such behaviour can lead to a distorted view of reality, where people only see and believe what confirms their pre-existing beliefs, biases, and prejudices.


When people share only what appeals to their sentiments, they may ignore or reject information that contradicts their views, leading to a narrow and closed-minded perspective.


This can lead to a lack of critical thinking and an inability to consider alternative perspectives, hindering personal growth and the ability to engage in constructive dialogue with others.


Moreover, sharing only what appeals to one’s sentiments can contribute to the spread of misinformation, propaganda, and fake news, which can have serious consequences.


It can lead to confusion, distrust, and a breakdown of social cohesion, as people become increasingly polarized and divided based on their beliefs and opinions.

It is essential to share information that is objective, accurate, and evidence-based, rather than solely relying on what appeals to our sentiments.


It creates avenues for maintaining a healthy and informed society, where people are able to engage in constructive dialogue and make informed decisions based on a broad range of perspectives and viewpoints.


~Kokwain Adamu

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